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Great Trek

A Jaunt Through Musqueam Territory

The Great Trek has been a staple race in the Vancouver running community for years – formerly the Fall Classic. In partnership with the University of British Columbia, the Great Trek pays homage the Great Trek of 1922, where students marched to their current campus. This popular Vancouver event features races for everyone with a Half Marathon, 10KM and 5KM route. Join the run community and end your running season on a high note – clock a personal best time for the year or come just for the fun! In 2020, the event is being offered as a Virtual Race.

10KM Course

On Musqueam territory, the Great Trek features gorgeous running routes under colourful fall foliage, and a tour through the beautiful university campus. All three distances share a Start and Finish Line near the AMS Student Nest and the Half Marathon and 10KM routes run out towards the UBC Endowment Lands. For the new Virtual Race, you’re asked to please find your own pedestrian friendly route.



Course Map

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Nuun Electrolytes

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Clif Bar


Note: For the virtual race, there will be no water stations on course. Please arrange your own hydration accordingly. Thank you for understanding.

A jaunt through Musqueam territory

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